Manage your purchases in grocery retail apps

Голосовой ассистент для продуктового ритейла
Голосовой ассистент для продуктового ритейла

Who is Kvint?

Kvint is a voice assistant in retail apps for making purchases in dialog mode


it will attract additional customers


it will increase customer loyalty


it will increase average purchase amount

What is Kvint for?
Голосовой ассистент Kvint

Voice dialog
with the Kvint
assistant provides:

Search in the product catalog

Поиск по каталогу

Convenient purchase processing

Удобное оформление покупки

Quick app navigation

Быстрая навигация

Ability to combine shopping with other things

Совмещение покупки с другими делами

Focus on custom offers

Индивидуальные предложения

Reminder of unfinished orders

Напоминание о незавершенных заказах

Filling out order forms (delivery address, contacts)

Заполнение форм заказа

App interaction

Интерактивное взаимодействие

Kvint's 5 benefits
for the customer

Extra comfort

when shopping in apps

Дополнительный комфорт

during order placement

Быстрота и скорость
Opportunity to hear about
new products and special offers

in stores without wasting time searching

Возможность услышать о новинках и акциях
Combining shopping with
other activities:

driving, walking, doing sports

Совмещение покупок с другими делами
Easier navigation

for the disabled

Упрощение навигации
“Voice commerce is a new market trend”

Kvint's 5 benefits
for business

Increased user flow

by improving customer experience quality

Увеличение потока пользователей
Competitive advantage

through the use of advanced AI-based technology

Конкурентное преимущество
Increased percentage of completed purchases

through goal-oriented dialog

Увеличение доли завершенных покупок
Increased average check

by upsale and custom offer voicing

Увеличение среднего чека
Increased customer loyalty

through app interaction

Повышение лояльности покупателей
“Voice interaction is gradually replacing the touch screen, mouse, and keyboard.”

Why implement Kvint now?


About 30% of global e-commerce sales will come from voice commerce*

*Based on Deloitte’s study


Commerce via app today generates about half of all sales (49-52%)**

**Analysis of 5,000 web retailers in 80 countries Based on Criteo’s study


About half of app users (52%) use voice search while driving

*Based on Deloitte’s study

**Analysis of 5,000 web retailers in 80 countries Based on Criteo’s study

Background and market trends

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