Virtual Conversational
Agent to Replace IVR

Power customer interaction with smart Voice AI to incentivize self-service, leave no client request unanswered and trim operational costs

Virtual Conversational Agent to Replace IVR

How it works?

Kvint Conversational Agent classifies requests topic-wise and routes them respectively, while independently consulting clients and holding a meaningful conversation. What could be easier?

Шаг 1
Step 1

The client voices their question in any form

Шаг 2
Step 2

The Assistant understands the topic and the intent

Step 3
Шаг 3

The assistant responds in
conversational manner

Шаг 3

The Assistant routes the caller to the relevant skill group

Speaking to Voice AI is easy and satisfying

Kvint Virtual Voice Assistants cater to how you do business

On-Prem & On-Cloud

Benefit from Kvint cloud capacities, roll your Virtual Assistant out on-prem or enjoy a hybrid approach

Adjustable conversational scenarios

Create multi-level non-linear dialogues in Kvint Script Editor in a no-code interface

Unique voice for your brand

Apply the voice of your choice and make your brand leave a one-of-a-kind impression

Seamlessly integrated

Blend Virtual Assistants with your existing systems painlessly with Kvint API

Виртуальный ассистент для замены IVR

Why Virtual Assistants? They are a win-win

They are quicker for clients…

Formulate your question freely and get an instant answer

Преимущества для клиента

Avoid listening to long and twisted IVRs

Преимущества для клиента

Клиенту не приходится повторять одну и ту же информацию разным операторам при переключении между ними

Преимущества для клиента

No need to repeat requests or be transferred among managers

Преимущества для клиента
Avoid call queues

…and a saver for business

Cut operational telephony costs by eliminating queues

Преимущества для бизнеса

Double down transfers between managers

Преимущества для бизнеса

Free up managers’ time by putting load on virtual assistant

Преимущества для бизнеса

Leave no call abandoned

Преимущества для бизнеса

Learn how you can streamline customer communications and reduce costs with Voice AI

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