Virtual Call Center
with Ready Scripts

Launch, manage and monitor automated phone outreach using ready scripts samples

5 steps

Launch a campaign
in 5 easy steps

30 min

Begin first calls
with in 30 minutes

20 +

Available conversational

Виртуальный колл-центр с готовыми сценариями

What is Kvint Virtual Call Center?

  • It is a cloud-based software to launch campaigns over phone
  • With preset and prerecorded conversational scenarios, one can set up a campaign of any scale in just 5 easy steps
  • Easy-to-use interface to monitor and manage campaigns comprehensively
Виртуальный колл-центр

5 Easy Steps
to Launch a Campaign

Step 1. Choose a scenario

Over 20 ready scenario samples for most practical use cases

Выбор сценария
Step 2. Configuring conversations

Adapt conversations to your business case flexibly without flow charts or code

Настройка реплик
Step 3. Pick a voice

Choose from a variety of voice samples

Выбор голоса
Step 4. Upload the data

Convenient user interface for upload a call register

Загрузка абонентов
Step 5. Calibrate the campaign

A comprehensive set of parameters: time, intervals, intensity, etc

Настройка политики обзвона
Virtual Call Center Kvint

Intuitive UI

Интуитивный интерфейс

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